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Krisda inc.
A Logistics Solutions Company

Services About Us

About Krisda inc.


trucking freight and palletized cargo options from krisda inc, a logistics company specializing in heavy, overweight, and permitted size cargo in the long beach port and los angeles area in california

Krisda, Inc. is a licensed carrier for bulk cargo and operate with its own asset-based specialized triaxle chassis for liquid cargo shipments. We serve the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port District delivering throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona with LTL CFS freight, Straight truck delivery service, and CVW 25,000lbs. cargo capacity. We offer domestic shipping through a trusted network of 3PL service providers, accompanied by a near 40,000 square foot warehouse for a variety of transloading purposes, over dimensional permitted cargo, automobile shipping and full truck load shipments for all inbound and outbound shipments. Our facility is also surrounded by a 4 acre, paved, fully lit, gated yard with 24/7 security service and surveillance cameras.


In 2005, Krisda, Inc. was established and started its local trucking operation from the city of Carson, California. Over the past decade we have evolved into offering several facets within our industry. In addition to door to door container deliveries, flatbed cartage and other specialized cargo for special projects, we have also expanded to warehousing.

Today, we continue to operate within the Long Beach and Los Angeles Port District and local rail ramp facilities in the Los Angeles and Long Beach area. We have grown into a fleet size of 40 company port certified and emission approved power units that specialize in hauling standard weight cargo shipped in containers and delivering throughout the State of California, Nevada and Arizona. Plus, the advantage of operating all port shift hours.


Krisda inc. has redefined quality transportation and warehousing, allowing us to serve our customers better and more efficiently while providing quality services and products. We provide our customers with reliable, professional service 24/7 and our extensive logistics options mean there is minimized hassle on our customers’ part.

We also provide extensive measures to protect the security of stored items and implement security services at our off dock yard storage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This, combined with our reasonable rates and personable staff are what have allowed us to remain successful for so many years. Let Krisda inc. show you what it’s like to be treated right by the logistics and warehousing company you can rely on.


Our team is equipped with key essential tools and management processes to provide our customers with reliable service and provide real time updates with information that is invaluable to our customers and clients end customers. We understand that time is critical for the cargo to reach its final destination. The power units are equipped with GPS tracking devices, this enables our team to provide the tracing and location of our equipment along with other essential information, but most importantly, your cargo.

Looking ahead. We are committed to provide our customers with reliability and trust. Our goal is to grow our business by building a partnership with our customers and the ability to achieve a mutual benefit for both companies.

What Our Clients are Saying

testimonial for trucking freight and palletized cargo options from krisda inc, a logistics company specializing in heavy, overweight, and permitted size cargo in the long beach port and los angeles area in california

"Krisda has gone beyond what I expected from a logistics company. From their customer service team to their pricing and transport reliability, they really have gone the extra mile for us and we highly recommend any of their services."

-Jim, satisfied business owner

Specialized Service Descriptions

Krisda owns 35 company tractors, as well as trucks with flexi tank specialized chassis, specialized triaxle chassis, and step deck flatbed.
Our services range from inland transportation and specialized services to warehousing and off dock yard storage:

Transportation and Services

Standard weight cargo
FTL cargo delivery
Permitted cargo (OOG Cargo)
Overweight direct delivery
LTL CFS freight, straight truck delivery
CVW 25,000 lbs cargo capacity


Standard Transloading (pallet or floor)
OOG "Over Dimensional" Specialized cargo transloading
Automobile shipping
Pallet, loose cargo, and specialized cargo
Heavy duty forklift (up to 60,000lbs lift capacity)

Off Dock Yard Storage

4 Acre private yard
Trailer/container parking
Equipment parking
Fenced, fully lit
24/7 security services
Surveillance cameras throughout

Want to become a member of our team?

Email: jobopps@krisda.com for job inquiries or

Krisda is an equal opportunity employer